Variable Data: the operating principle of the industrial printing control system

Features and Configurations of the industrial print control system available to obtain the best inspection on the product.

Through Variable Data, the production inspection takes place in a safe and detailed manner.

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The operating principle of the “Variable Data” industrial printing control system Dato Variabile

Generally, each printout corresponds to a “row of data” taken from a database, but it may occur that a more or less complex function is underlying the change. In order for the system to make sure that the read "objects" are actually those expected, the database record to be verified is identified through a key that can be obtained:

  • by the recognition of a particular string present among the variable data and relating to a unique identifier in the database;
  • by reading a "service records" present in a "not useful" area of ​​the press;
  • through other information provided to the system.

The characteristics of the Variable Data system

  • Printing can be produced by ink-jet printers, as well as by laser or other technology printers
  • The print to be checked can be produced on single sheets as well as on continuous paper
  • The widths can be different
  • Very high speeds (even hundreds of meters per minute)
  • The synchronism of the system is ensured by means of a printed notch or by a signal coming from the line logic
  • Each sheet, or printing period, may contain one or more products to be checked both in the direction of advancement and in the transverse direction

Variable Data System Configurations

Depending on the needs, corresponding configurations will be used and they will make use of:

  • One or more cameras
  • Cameras can be linear or matrix
  • Furthermore, the cameras used may be in color or monochrome

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