Flexible and configurable, LinceoONE designed for the different realizations of industrial applications.

The machine vision system for industrial applications capable of inspecting up to 90,000 parts per hour.

Powerful are the functionalities of this system, designed to be flexible and easily configurable for different realizations of industrial applications.


The highly performing Machine Vision system in different application contexts.

With the aim of offering the various industries a highly performing machine vision system based on their needs, LinceoONE is extremely flexible and configurable for the creation of complete and professional industrial applications. Here it follows just some of the potential of the system:

  • inspection and quality control
  • measure
  • verification of processing and assembly execution
  • robot guide with localization and positioning
  • character recognition and verification

LinceoONE guarantees very high performance and ease of use

The many key features of this extremely powerful and flexible product are:

  • the use of the most modern machine vision techniques
  • high speed inspection of 100% of the production
  • defect detection, classification and reporting
  • the complete flexibility and adaptability of the inspection
  • complete "Turnkey" industrial system
  • the ability to configure your application through an interactive and intuitive graphic interface, creating even very complex applications in a few hours, without the need for any programming skills.
  • the use of the system, as well as the simple parameterization and tolerance setting, can be carried out by least experienced personnel.
  • access to the system is managed by accounts and protected by passwords, and each user is authorised to different functions provided by the system in accordance with the access level.
soluzioni applicative

Implementation of application solutions

Vision Device takes care of all the preliminary and subsequent aspects to the sale of the product:

  • Systems design and customization.
  • The installation at the production plants.
  • The fine-tuning of the operating parameters.
  • Training of line and maintenance personnel.
  • Technical assistance under warranty and beyond the warranty period.