Intelligent manufacturing with machine vision systems.

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the way companies produce, improve and distribute their products. As manufacturers aspire to build a more agile, digital and sustainable future, they are integrating new technologies into their production facilities and throughout their operations. Imagine being able to simplify quality control operations by automating manual inspection models, reducing errors and production costs. These are the challenges. Below we present how Vision Device solutions can guide companies toward Industry 4.0.

Metallized capacitor film inspection system

Sistemi visione artificiale Industry 4.0Industry 4.0 Key Points

Interconnection, sustainability, automation, traceability, big data are some of the key elements of Industry 4.0 and the goals to which manufacturing companies aspire.

Choosing to integrate innovative solutions in manufacturing sectors means giving concrete form to the Industry 4.0 guidelines. Implementing innovative solutions in manufacturing sectors means collecting data in a comprehensive and advanced way, with specific analysis tools that highlight the full visibility of the entire production plan, to build a digital representation of operations. IoT is one of the tools that can facilitate the transformation of manufacturing enterprises into innovative, flexible, agile and data-driven organizations.

Sistemi visione artificiale Industry 4.0Industry 4.0 features of Vision Device machine vision systems

With the innovative Vision Device systems, companies are living the Industry 4.0 transformation as protagonists.

  • The control logic of Vision Device systems is based on supervisory PCs and software PLCs.
  • The machine vision systems are equipped with a graphical and interactive user interface, thus simple and intuitive, with complete control possibilities, without any need for specific programming skills, thus suitable to be used by normal line operators.
  • The systems meet all the latest occupational safety, health and hygiene parameters, and are CE marked for compliance with all applicable safety regulations.
  • The Vision Device systems are equipped with a continuous monitoring of working conditions and process parameters by means of information coming from the sensors of the cameras, which are inspected too to allow adaptability to process drifts.

Sistemi visione artificiale Industry 4.0

  • The systems are fully integrated with the line and plant information system, allowing complete production management, both in the sense of production organization and in the sense of monitoring all parameters and results of assembly operations and quality results of inspection systems. In particular, Vision Device systems allow the inspection recipe to be automatically defined from the outside according to the code of the product to be inspected, at each production batch START.
  • All Vision Device plants are equipped with remote connection system, for remote diagnosis and maintenance. The systems are set up to ensure the quality of production, in the requirements of matching and position of parts, requirements that can be automatically ensured only through machine vision technologies, applied on 100% of production, in a traced manner, with complete documentation of the parameter sets used and the results obtained for any verified part, with the possibility of producing various types of test reports.