The system for the judgment and characterization of product defects

Product defects: judgment and characterization of defects using WebCHECK

WebCHECK, a system for the judgment and characterization of product defects entirely made and supported by Vision DEVICE thanks to the complete control of the hardware and software know-how, is able to support and take care of all phases of the life cycle of the application, in order to provide the best assistance with the production inspection system for the control of product defects.


What problems does WebCHECK solve when inspecting continuous products?

  • It eliminates customer complaints resulting from undetected defects
  • It documents the quality of the product, allows the automatic execution of reports and statistics
  • It improves the quality of the product itself, being the production under constant analysis
  • It reduces the overall production costs by optimizing the use of staff and raw materials
  • It reduces "Quality costs", by simplifying the procedures to meet the generally required Quality criteria (objective and adjustable control, documentation of the result, 100% application of the product)
  • It eliminates the "bottlenecks" deriving from the need for manual controls in highly automated production lines, which lead to poor flexibility and scalability of the plants

8 GOOD REASONS TO CHOOSE WebCHECK.The system for the detection of production anomalies

individuare difettosità produzione

It accurately identifies the defects present on the product.

Allowing the direct marking of defects or the eventual removal of the same,a correct assessment of the qualitative class of each lot is carried out, through the execution of reports and statistics.

migliorare qualità produzione

Useful for improving the quality of the product.

In fact, it allows to know precisely the characteristics and frequencies of defects, in order to identify the causes and therefore focus the actions of improvement; the ability to measure the results allows you to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of these actions.

rilevare anomalie produzione

Allows the immediate detection of any production anomalies

In order to carry out a quick stop and/or intervention on the upstream line, in order to reduce the quantity of defective product produced.

controllo stabile produzione

It was created in compliance with all the Quality criteria suggested by the ISO-9000 standards and the rules of the T.Q.M

All the data relating to the product and its lot, the control configuration and the individual test results, can be documented and printed on explanatory reports that accompany the product and allow complete traceability of production and testing data.

riduzione costi controllo qualità

The control is carried out on the basis of numerical, objective and repeatable evaluations, the operating characteristics are stable over time and reliable.

The configuration of the test parameters and the tolerance limits are  carried out through objective values; the system can be immediately reconfigured to adapt to  different control needs (different products or quality levels required).

riduzione costo personale

It allows a quick return on investment, as it has very low management costs.

It does not use particular consumables and it relies on a completely automatic functioning that is not assisted by operators.

ridurre contestazione merce

Overall cost reduction

It occurs both directly (savings in management and personnel costs, reduction in material waste) and indirectly (elimination of litigation and penalties caused by product imperfections reported improperly.

software adattabile

Perfectly adaptable to the specific needs of each single customer.

It is possible to adapt and work on different control widths, wide speed ranges and different required resolutions, minimum size of defects. The control speeds and detection performances that can be obtained are, however, very high and unapproachable by any inspection carried out by human operators.